Why write about your life?

Why Write About Your Life?
I can hear what you're thinking....

  •      You aren't famous...
  •      You didn't set a record...
  •      You are neither super-human, nor truth be told, super at all...
  •      so no one is going to want to read your story, anyway?
  •      Am I right? Is that some of what you're thinking?

All those things may be true...

You are not Angelina Jolie, did not set the record for the one minute mile and your cape never even got out of the package.

But ask the person next to you at the dinner table, in your life, or in your heart if you have a story that the world wants to hear, and you will hear a resounding YES!!

As your grand-daughter, your best friend, and your neighbour if you should write about your life and they will all scream YES!!

You see, writing about your life doesn't start with a powerful sense of mission, for most people. Many of us just remember something funny, or sweet, or sad and finding ourselves motivated and close to a pen and piece of paper, we dribble out a few words.

That feels pretty good, so we leak out a few more, and then paragraphs form, and then pages get turned and filled, and then we go to the stationery store and buy a stack of notebooks.

  • Write because it feels good. 
  • Write because there is a memory that you feel like listing some details on. 
  • Write for the pleasure of indulging your memory on any detail that your heart and mind bring to the pen. 
  • Write for you.  

You'll be the first, and possibly only, reader of this work in progress and that is reason enough to fill some pages.
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Patti M Hall is an author, educator and writing coach living near Toronto, Ontario with her two very tall sons.

Hall is a non-fiction writer specializing in the stories of individuals who demonstrate resilience in the face of trauma and personal challenge. Hall is dedicated to helping other people tell their stories through whether that be through authoring books, teaching writers or coaching aspiring memoirists.

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